The Jeff Santos Show 3-6pm EDT: TGIF! Will Elizabeth Warren Run? DFA Wants Her To! And Looking At Pope Francis' Connection To New Cuba Policy w/Fr. Rick Walsh!!

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GUESTS FOR FRIDAY DECEMBER 19, 2014 ON THE JEFF SANTOS SHOW: What's on your mind as we wrap up the week? Are YOU happy that Americans will be able to travel to and do business with Cuba again?...Call 877-489-9421

- Jim Dean, Chair, Democracy for America (DFA). (Regular Friday check-in with Jim Dean...Will Elizabeth Warren run for President in 2016? She keeps saying "No" but and DFA are hoping she will run! DFA took a survey and 87.6% of its members want to start a campaign to push for Elizabeth Warren to run. DFA has joined's "Run Warren Run" campaign this week and has contributed $250,000 to the effort.

- Earl Bender, President of Avenel Associates, political strategist at Totten Communications and regular contributor to the Jeff Santos Show. Week in Review - Earl's a little under the weather this week, but he's Chicago tough so he's here!

- [IN-STUDIO] Father Rick Walsh, Associate Director, Paulist Center, Boston We have a special treat today with a visit from Father Rick, a priest from Jeff's own church that he attends weekly. Jeff and Father Rick will talk about Pope Francis and his connection with the new, open U.S.-Cuba diplomatic policy. He's been a hero to progressives and outspoken on key economic and human rights issues already in his short time as Pope. What does this say for the Catholic Church?

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The Governor Deval Patrick Farewell Tour Makes A Stop At The Jeff Santos Show!

Outgoing Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick is making the rounds during the last few weeks of his term. We'll ask him about his chief accomplishments and challenges as Governor, his plans after leaving office, and how the transition to incoming Governor Charlie Baker is going!

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Jeff Santos Show 12/11/14

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GUESTS FOR THURSDAY DECEMBER 11, 2014 ON THE JEFF SANTOS SHOW: Busy Week In Congress With Budget Negotiations & Blowback From The CIA Torture Report! And... It's Transportation Thursday! Are YOU concerned about some of the eye-raising additions to the "Cromnibus" Budget being negotiated right now? Should it be blocked now? Will it be worse if the negotiations wait 'til January when the Republicans are in charge?

- Josh Smith, Sr. Policy Analyst at the Economic Policy Institute specializing in Federal Tax & Budget policy. The so-called "CRomnibus" Budget deal...what's in it? How big is it? What are the secret last-minute riders that might make Congress vote it down? The House is expected to vote on it today... right now votes are split down the middle - it could go either way. Senator Elizabeth Warren has been very vocal in her opposition to new "Big Bank Bailouts" sneaked into the Budget without debate - it might get through the House, but the Senate is doubtful!

- John Businger, Former Massachusetts State Rep for 28 years - serving from the Town of Brookline. He is the Chief advocate for the Boston North-South Station Rail Link and a long-time Voting rights champion. Transportation Thursday. Congressional Budget Negotiations.

- Herb Boyd, American journalist, educator, author, and activist based in New York. His articles appear regularly in the "Amsterdam News", and have won him three 1st-place awards from the New York Association of Black Journalists. Boyd has been inducted into both the Literary Hall of Fame for Writers of African Descent and the Madison Square Garden Hall of Fame as a journalist. He teaches black studies at the City College of New York and the College of New Rochelle. Coming to as at his new regular time, Thursdays in the 5 O'Clock hour Eastern time.... very glad to have Herb on the Jeff Santos Show as a weekly contributor, joining the ranks of John Nichols, Jim Dean, Rona Fried, Lance Gould, Earl Bender & John Businger!

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Jeff Santos Show 12/10/14

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GUESTS FOR WEDNESDAY DECEMBER 10, 2014 ON THE JEFF SANTOS SHOW: Green Day Wednesday Looks at House GMO Hearing Today & Peru Climate Summit! And...More On The CIA Torture Report! A lot of people are hoping that President Obama issue pardons to Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld for their part in using enhanced torture practices. Do YOU think this is the way to go? Will the President do it?

- Rona Fried - Founder & CEO of, a global news and networking website dedicated to green business. It's "Green Day Wednesday"... today's big stories...GMO hearing in the U.S. House of Representatives and the Peru Climate Summit that started December 1 and continues through the end of this week...


(1) The House Energy & Commerce Committee is holding a hearing today on the FDA's role in regulating and labeling genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in the US food supply;
(2) Representatives from 195 countries have been meeting for talks in Lima Peru to develop a draft for an International Climate Treaty that will be finalized next year in Paris. Talks started December 1st and continue through Friday December 12th:
(3) White House Launches Climate Literacy Initiative for Americans.

- Chris Anders, Senior Legislative Counsel in the American Civil Liberties Union’s Washington Legislative Office, where he represents the ACLU before Congress and the Executive Branch. Since joining the ACLU legislative team in 1997, Anders has represented the ACLU on a wide range of civil liberties and civil rights issues. For the past eight years, he has led the ACLU’s Washington, D.C. advocacy on torture, detention, war authority, and Guantanamo issues. Since 2006, he has led a national coalition of human rights, civil liberties, and religious groups working on detention and Guantanamo issues. He also has served as a human rights observer at military commission proceedings held at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. TOPIC: The Senate CIA Torture Report - what was in the report? We'll ask Mr. Anders for his reaction to the comments by Senators Dianne Feinstein (D-CA), John McCain (R-AZ) and others on the Senate Floor yesterday. What are the reasons for releasing the report at this time and what has the reaction be? People are guardedly watching to see what the international response will be, but how are Americans feeling about the use of torture? In a press release by the ACLU this week, they claim that the "Senate Torture Report Shows Need for Accountability".

- From Chicago again today, where the Cubs now have Jon Lester....Jim Warren, DC Bureau Chief for the New York Daily News, former Managing Editor of the Chicago Tribune. The CIA - the Senate - and torture....Also, Jim has an Op Ed in last Sunday's NY Daily News that takes a look at the need to improve community-police relations and what we can do about it. Jim's Sunday Op Ed was on improving police-community relations: "Building back trust to save lives: Educating cops and communities after the killings of Eric Garner, Michael Brown and others".

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Jeff Santos Show 12/5/14

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GUESTS FOR FRIDAY DECEMBER 5, 2014 ON THE JEFF SANTOS SHOW: US DOL Sec'y Tom Perez Discusses November Jobs Numbers! 321K Non-farm Jobs Created! Can We Slow Life Down - Even in Big Cities? A Talk With "New Slow City" Author William Powers! Peaceful protests continued around the country over reaction to the Michael Brown and Eric Garner Grand Jury decisions. Hundreds were arrested in New York City, but no major incidents were reported. Will this lead to anything?

- Jim Dean, Chair, Democracy for America (DFA). Regular Friday check-in with Jim Dean... Ferguson MO, Staten Island NY and Cleveland OH - people have had enough of these wrongful deaths at the hands of law enforcement. Peaceful protests continued around the country last night with a 3rd night of protests in New York with hundreds of arrests - and in downtown Boston, thousands marched peacefully - Go to our facebook page to see some snapshots. The Department of Justice will be monitoring the Cleveland Police, following what they report - after a 2-year investigation - as a pattern of “unreasonable and unnecessary use of force” being used by Cleveland Police officers. U.S. Attorney General Holder said DOJ will be investigating the Eric Garner choke-hold death as well.

- Earl Bender, President of Avenel Associates, political strategist at Totten Communications and regular contributor to the Jeff Santos Show. Week in Review - Bad Grand Jury decisions, nationwide protests, good jobs numbers, new Secretary of Defense.

- U.S. Secretary of Labor, Thomas "Tom" Perez. November Employment Numbers - non-farm jobs up by 321,000! Highest number of jobs created in a single month since January 2012. This is the 57th consecutive month with job growth, and the growth has been spread across many different sectors. The Unemployment rate remained unchanged from the previous month at 5.8%.

- William Powers, author of the book "New Slow City: Living Simply in the World's Fastest City". OFFICIAL BIO: Born and raised on Long Island, William Powers has worked for over a decade in development aid and conservation in Latin America, Africa, Native North America, and Washington, DC. He is a senior fellow at the World Policy Institute and is on the adjunct faculty of New York University. A third generation New Yorker, Powers has also spent two decades exploring the American culture-of-speed and its alternatives in some fifty countries around the world. He has covered the subject in his four books and written about it in the Washington Post and the Atlantic. An expert on sustainable development, he is a freelance writer and speaker. For more info visit his website: After feeling burnt out from work and living "off the grid" for a season in North Carolina, William Powers wanted to find out if he could live a slower, simpler life in one of the World's biggest, busiest cities - New York. He and his wife reduced their work hours, got rid of a lot of stuff, and moved into a "micro-apartment" in Greenwich Village... HOW DID IT GO?... he talks about the experience in New Slow City and shares some ideas about simplifying life for us today.

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