The Jeff Santos Show 3-6pm EST: Happy Good Friday! The "Obamacare" Numbers Looking Good! NHL Playoffs Underway!

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- Jim Dean, Chair, Democracy for America (DFA). We'll be looking at the continued GOP attacks on the Affordable Care Act now that the numbers are coming in and they're looking good...

- Amalie Benjamin, Bruins beat writer for the Boston Globe. The NHL Hockey Playoffs are underway...a few games have been played already, and the top seeded Boston Bruins meet the Detroit Redwings tonight for the first game of their best-of-seven series!

- Earl Bender - President of Avenel Associates, political strategist at Totten Communications and regular contributor to the Jeff Santos Show. Earl's in sunny California today! We'll talk about the surprisingly good numbers for "Obamacare" signups and other news on this "Good Friday".

Tune in Today at 3pm EST! We'll be talking with Boston Mayor Marty Walsh!

Today at 3:14pm EST, Boston Mayor Marty Walsh will be Jeff's guest. Jeff will talk with the Mayor about his first 100 Days in office, the emotional week remembering the Marathon bombing, this year's race next Monday AND what his priorities are for the rest of 2014!

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Jeff Santos Show 4/16/14

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GUESTS FOR WEDNESDAY APRIL 16, 2014 ON THE JEFF SANTOS SHOW: Former Bruins defenseman Andrew Ference joins us for Green Day...877-489-9421.

- Andrew Ference, former defenseman for the Boston Bruins and current Captain of the Edmonton Oilers. It's "Green Day Wednesday"...our guest Andrew Ference is widely known for his environmental activism - people around the National Hockey League call him "Mr. Green" because of that. We'll ask him about Earth Day next week and other green issues he's focusing on these days (Edmonton is in Alberta, home of the Tar Sands that Keystone XL pipeline supporters would like to ship to the Gulf Coast...) We'll also talk a little hockey of course, and ask the Oilers' captain how it's going on his new team, what their prospects are for 2015...and how he thinks of his time here in Boston - especially on this week when we remember the Marathon bombing.

- Maria Cramer, Boston Globe Reporter. One year since the Boston Marathon bombing and a lot of things have changed in the city... next Monday is the 2014 Boston Marathon with thousands more runners signed up than last year. People are feeling "Boston Strong" and wanting to show solidarity...but how will this event be different than past marathons? Maria has been researching the security changes for this year's marathon and is here to tell us about it.

- Terry O'Neill, President, National Organization for Women (NOW). The "new" GOP is claiming to be inclusive - by dropping anti-gay/anti-women planks from their platforms, - but are they really?

- Scott Bates, President at the Center for National Policy (a Truman National Security Project Partner). We'll look at the current situation between Russia and Ukraine: the latest movements in Ukraine with Russian troops and Russian-backed activists; how Ukrainians are responding; are our EU/G7 allies playing a "wait-and-see" game with Putin; and how much support is there for different sides?

The NHL's "Mr. Green" Andrew Ference is our Green Day Wednesday Guest!

Tune in today at 3:14pm for an interview with former Boston Bruins defenseman Andrew Ference, currently captain of the Edmonton Oilers. The Bruins finished the Season at the top of the league and are first seed in the Playoffs that started yesterday; the Oilers will have to wait 'til next year to take a crack at the cup!

We'll talk with Andrew Ference about the Playoffs, how the transition to his new team has been, and his reflections on his time in Boston - especially this week as we remember the Boston Marathon Bombing and how the City came together in the days and weeks afterwards. Boston's sports teams were a big part in the early healing process; the Bruins played the first professional sports game after the bombing last year...

Jeff Santos Show 4/15/14

GUESTS FOR TUESDAY APRIL 15, 2014 ON THE JEFF SANTOS SHOW: One Year Since Boston Marathon Bombing... were you there? Teacher Tuesday Looks at School Violence as we approach some other sad anniversaries; and.. It's Tax Day!...877-489-9421.


- Michael "Mike" Crossey, President, Pennsylvania State Education Association (PSEA). School Safety...This week is the anniversary of the Virginia Tech and Columbine school shootings, as well as the recent mass stabbing just a week ago at the Franklin Regional High School near Pittsburgh, PA., where teachers came back yesterday for counseling training, and the students will return to classes tomorrow - one week after the original attack. As we remember these sad anniversaries, we'll talk about how schools deal with violent incidents and then what it takes afterwards to put the community back together and make people feel safe and whole again. Schools should be a safe haven for learning and developing. Do highly publicized school shootings (with their related school drills that include lockdowns and hiding) add to a general sense of anxiety in our students? How are the NEA and state education associations addressing school violence - before and after it happens? What do we need to do to keep schools safe? What kind of resources can the NEA provide to students/parents?

- John Businger, Former Massachusetts State Rep, serving the Town of Brookline for almost 30 years and chief advocate for the Boston North-South Station Rail Link. We reflect on the Boston Marathon Bombing on the one year anniversary of that sad day... Vice President Biden, MA Governor Patrick and Boston Marty Walsh spoke at a televised tribute today from the Hynes Convention Center just blocks from the Marathon bomb blast.... AND....there's movement on the MA Transportation funding are things looking for the North-South Station Rail Link project?

- John Nichols, Washington Correspondent for the Nation Magazine, co-author of the book "Dollarocracy" with Robert McChesney, and associate Editor of the Capital Times in Madison, WI. Last week, Citizens United had a big "Freedom Summit" event in New Hampshire, helping to kick off Republican presidential activities in the Granite State with guests including Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Mike Huckabee & "the Donald"... while on the other side of town... Senator Bernie Sanders was holding a packed town-hall meeting where he talked about the outrageous influence of big money in elections and the damage it is doing to American democracy; he talked about how the Supreme Court is turning America into an oligarchy. John has an article at the Nation about the competing New Hampshire political events. He's also been writing about labor leader & civil rights A. Philip Randolph who would have been 125 years old today. Randolph started his long career as the "essential organizer of the Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters" and was the man behind the March on Washington in 1963. John writes..."A. Philip Randolph Was Right: 'We Will Need To Continue Demonstrations".

- Brad Bannon, CEO, Bannon Communications Research, a Democratic political consulting and polling firm. You can read his commentaries at, on the Marathon bombing one year later... as well as the usual political talk! Check out Brad's latest article where he tells Republicans: You're Stone Age GOP - When it comes to women's issues, Republican policies and rhetoric are stuck in the prehistoric era.

Jeff Santos Show 4/9/14

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GUESTS FOR WEDNESDAY APRIL 9, 2014 ON THE JEFF SANTOS SHOW: It's Green Day Wednesday! Do you agree with politicians who want to make addressing Climate Change a top priority?.

- Rona Fried, Founder & CEO of, a global news and networking website dedicated to green business. It's "Green Day Wednesday"...some disturbing news this week with the latest update on climate change by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) AND a new high with the atmosphere exceeding 400parts-per-million of carbon....even though that news is bleak and frightening, Rona always has something positive to share from the world of green news stories she's been writing about at

These are just a few of the Green stories from this week: Koch Brothers' anti-Obama Ads are really anti-Climate Change Ads; Two of the world's biggest solar companies (Spain's Abengoa and SunEdison) are going public; and in not-so-good news, Tennessee bans Mass Transit! That's right, the Tennessee State Senate passed a bill that essentially blocks state mass transit projects (Americans for Prosperity pushed this amendment through)!

- Len Egert, Executive Director for the SAG-AFTRA San Francisco-Northern California Local. This week SAG-AFTRA launched a "Save Local Radio" Campaign to help staff at San Francisco's 96.5 KOIT FM station fight back against pay cuts and job changes that they've been dealing with since media conglomerate Entercom bought the station in 2007 and proceeded to "gut" their union contract. They are currently negotiating for a new contract, and Len will tell us the key terms they're hoping to include, such as the "Use and Re-use" of broadcast materials and other key issues.... We'll also talk about the importance of Locally owned and run media - for the community and for the broadcast media workers!

Jeff Santos Show 4/8/14

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GUESTS FOR TUESDAY APRIL 8, 2014 ON THE JEFF SANTOS SHOW: NEA Teacher Tuesday! Success in Maryland with Common Core Measures! The "NEA Teacher Tuesday" Segment will now be heard at a new time - Tuesdays at 3:14pm EST. The Jeff Santos Show together with our sponsor the National Education Association (NEA) - brings you important topics every week on issues in public education, from "Common Core State Standards" and "classroom size" to "Charter Schools"..

- NEA Teacher Tuesday at its new time! Guest, Betty Weller, President, Maryland State Education Association (MSEA) [INFO:] Last week, 3 pro-education bills passed in Maryland's General Assembly "to address the persistent problems associated with the state’s implementation of Common Core State Standards (CCSS), the new PARCC test, and new teacher evaluation systems."
The bills were:
HB 1167, which ensures that state test scores aren't used in teacher and principal evaluations for at least the next two years.
HB 1164, which creates a workgroup including teachers and parents to improve the implementation of Common Core and PARCC.
HB 1001, which creates an oversight process for any Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) waivers that Maryland submits to give legislative leaders an opportunity to ensure that they comply with state law.

- Jerry Austin, Ohio-based political consultant who has worked for many candidates over the years from Sherrod Brown to Paul Wellstone and as Jesse Jackson's 1988 Presidential Campaign Manager.
Jerry's still in the thick of NCAA Championship excitement as the 4-time Champion UConn Huskies Men's team won last night against the Wildcats. The UConn Women Huskies play tonight in the women's Championship Round. They will face Notre Dame in Nashville, Tenn., at 8:30pm EST - "first women’s national title game between unbeaten teams". Can both Huskies teams win? We may have some time left to touch on some politics too...

- Brad Bannon, CEO, Bannon Communications Research, a Democratic political consulting and polling firm. You can read his commentaries at On the McCutcheon Supreme Court Decision and Fair Pay...Read Brad's latest op ed: Why Big Money Is King - The McCutcheon ruling will help wealthy donors stop more reforms.

- Jim Warren Washington Bureau Chief, New York Daily News, founder of the Chicago News Cooperative, and former managing editor of the Chicago Tribune. Jim's blog "The Swamp" at has merged with the "Mouth of the Potomac" Blog - which is where you can now read some of Jim's writings on goings on in the Nation's Capital. Jim's been writing about why it's hard to trust the NSA ("Watching the Watchmen"), on the fundraising schedule of Obama vs. Bush AND how the Supreme Court seems to be out of touch with their recent campaign finance decision!

NEA "Teacher Tuesday" Moves to New Time!

Starting this week, you'll now hear NEA Teacher Tuesday one hour earlier at 3:14pm EST every Tuesday on the Jeff Santos Show. Same great topics and guests, supporting the idea of improving and providing quality public education for all students in America. NEA Teacher Tuesday is sponsored by the National Education Association (NEA), whose "three million members work at every level of education—from pre-school to university graduate programs".


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