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About the Jeff Santos Show

Hosted by veteran journalist Jeff Santos, The Jeff Santos Show, rebuilding America is heard Weekdays 3-6pm EST on a nationwide network of radio stations that includes the key swing voting states of Ohio, Florida, Pennsylvania and others. The Jeff Santos Show is the only radio program in the country that brings together entrepreneurs, union representatives, environmentalists, top politicians and leaders of business and industry to talk about real Blue-Green solutions to job creation and moving America forward. The goal? to help America compete on a world-wide scale, with full employment and good jobs at good wages, while reducing our carbon footprint and rebuilding an America where all Americans succeed.

The Jeff Santos Show features interviews every day with sitting politicians and those running in tight races in battleground states around the country. Jeff talks with newsmakers, economists and experts about Jobs and the Economy, the Environment, what's going on in Congress and the situation for workers. The Jeff Santos Show takes on the latest breaking news stories to keep listeners engaged and informed.

An important part of The Jeff Santos Show revolves around listener calls. Jeff interacts with Revolution Radio Network listeners from all over America when they call in to discuss the news of the day and issues of importance to them.

Toll-Free Caller Line: 772-925-8206

Program Notes:

For years, The Jeff Santos Show was heard in New England, mornings from 7-10am EST on AM 1510 Revolution Boston. The show combined with the nationally syndicated Rebuild America afternoon program in September 2012 to become "The Jeff Santos Show, rebuilding America"

Revolution Radio Network programs The Jeff Santos Show and Rebuild America are currently on-air or have been syndicated in Boston, Brockton (MA), Chicago, Cleveland, Columbus, Concord (MA), Denver, Detroit, Fort Lauderdale, Lowell (MA), Miami, Nashua (NH), New York City, Philadelphia, Portland & Augusta (ME), Plymouth (MA), Providence (RI), Southbridge (MA), Tampa and Washington D.C. The show has increased it's focus on the video side of the broadcast, and can be seen daily in New York City on cable television on the Manhattan Neighborhood Network, and weekly on Free Speech TV (FSTV), the Boston Neighborhood Network (BNN) and Cambridge Community TV (CCTV). The show videostreams daily at and on