Elizabeth Warren interview - South Station 6-1-12

Jeff Santos speaks with Massachusetts Senate Candidate Elizabeth Warren in front of Boston's South Station as she prepares to ride the 11:45 Amtrak train to Springfield, MA, one day ahead of the Massachusetts state Democratic Primary to be held there on Saturday June 2, 2012.

Ms. Warren talks to Jeff about the two stark choices facing Massachusetts voters and all Americans this November about the way to Rebuild America and build a better future, to either say "I got mine, the rest of you are on your own. Or do we believe the way we build a future is that ALL of us make the investments in the conditions we need for real success?"

She ponders why Scott Brown won't reveal who's on his New York financial committee and talks about Mr. Brown's abysmal voting record - voting twice in the past month to let student loan interest rates double in July.

Ms. Warren is excited that her two young granddaughters are traveling with her to Springfield and will be taking part in the convention, the first political campaigning they have experienced!

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