Jeff Santos Show 11/11/16

GUESTS FOR FRIDAY NOVEMBER 11, 2016: What A Week!... Taking Another Look At What Happened And Why With Robert Kraig, Elaine Cleeton & Pollster David Paleologos!...Is YOUR head still reeling from Tuesday's election results!... What's a Progressive to do?... It's been a rough week for progressives, democrats and inclusive-minded independents in this country!... We're looking at what happened this week, what it means, and how we can continue the fight for fairness and justice for all people in this country (not to mention addressing Climate Change!)...Join The Conversation!.

- Elaine Cleeton, Associate Professor of Sociology, SUNY Geneseo, where she specializes in women's health; social welfare; and, race, class and gender relations.

- Robert Kraig, Executive Director, Citizen Action of Wisconsin.

- David Paleologos, Director of the Suffolk University Political Research Center.

And Listener Calls!!