Jeff Santos Show 1/11/17

GUESTS FOR WEDNESDAY JANUARY 11, 2017: The Jeff Session AG Nomination Scrutinized In Congress!... We're Joined By California Congresswoman Barbara Lee & The Reverend Jesse Jackson!... Confirmation Hearings began this week for the Senator Jeff Sessions Attorney General nomination!... It's been quite a show, we'll talk with Congresswoman Lee and the Reverend Jackson about it!... Join The Conversation!

- Congresswoman Barbara Lee (D-CA), representing California's 13th District which includes the municipalities of Oakland, Berkeley, Alameda and San Leandro. Rep. Lee serves on the House Budget Committee, the Appropriations Committee and the House Steering and Policy Committee. Rep. Lee has been a leader in Congress in the areas of global peace and international cooperation and one of our most outspoken progressive members in the House! (She voted against the original Iraq War authorization.)

- the Reverend Jesse Jackson, life-long civil rights activist and former Democratic Candidate for President in 1988.

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