Jeff Santos Show 11/18/16

GUESTS FOR FRIDAY NOVEMBER 18, 2016: Back Live!... The Transition Team Is Filling Positions In The Incoming Administration, But Is The President-Elect Really "Draining The Swamp?"... Talking With Greg Palast & Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown!... Happy to be back live with YOU today!... We've got some great guests to help us take a look at what the incoming Trump Administration has been up to this past week!... Jeff Sessions for Attorney General?... General Flynn as National Security Advisor?... What can we expect?...Join The Conversation!

- Senator Sherrod Brown (D-OH). Senator Brown's Democratic colleague in the House, Congressman Tim Ryan (D-OH) from Youngstown, is challenging Nancy Pelosi and putting his name into nomination to be the new Democratic Minority Leader! Sherrod Brown was an advisor to Hillary Clinton and a a strong supporter during the campaign.

- Jerry Austin, award-winning political consultant and Campaign Manager for the Rev. Jesse Jackson's 1988 Presidential Campaign. Part of the long-running Strategy Session on the Jeff Santos Show!.

- Greg Palast, author and investigative reporter, called by The Guardian newspaper in England, the "most important investigative reporter of our time – up there with Woodward and Bernstein." He is the author of New York Times bestsellers: Billionaires & Ballot Bandits, Armed Madhouse, The Best Democracy Money Can Buy and the highly acclaimed Vultures' Picnic (BBC Newsnight Review "Book of the Year" in 2012.)

- Herb Boyd, journalist, educator, author, and activist based in New York. His articles appear regularly in the "New York Amsterdam News", and have won him three 1st-place awards from the New York Association of Black Journalists. He teaches black studies at the City College of New York and the College of New Rochelle.

- Elaine Cleeton, Associate Professor of Sociology, SUNY Geneseo, where she specializes in women's health; social welfare; and, race, class and gender relations.

- Lawrence J. Korb, Senior Fellow at the Center for American Progress. He is also a senior advisor to the Center for Defense Information and an adjunct professor at Georgetown University. Prior to joining American Progress, he was a senior fellow and director of national security studies at the Council on Foreign Relations.

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