Jeff Santos Show 11/30/16

GUESTS FOR WEDNESDAY NOVEMBER 30, 2016: House Democrats Pick A New Leader!.... It's The Old Leader, Nancy Pelosi Of California, Again!... 63 Members Voted For Rep. Tim Ryan Of Ohio!... Last day of November!... Have the Democrats learned anything from the big November election loss?... Will they be able to communicate with traditionally Democratic voters and win back some seats in 2018?... What will change under the "new" Nancy Pelosi term as Minority Leader?... Jeff joined a conference call today with Congressman Tim Ryan (D-OH) who challenged Congresswoman Pelosi for this leadership position, and managed to get 63 votes!... We'll have some audio from the Ryan conference call for you today! ...Join The Conversation!...CALL 772-925-8206!...

- Mark Taylor-Canfield is a Seattle-based journalist whose work appears in: Huffington Post, Daily Kos, Capitol Hill Times, Truthout, Op-ed News, Oximity,Free Speech Radio News (Pacifica),Democracy Watch News.

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