Jeff Santos Show 11/8/16

GUESTS FOR TUESDAY NOVEMBER 8, 2016: Early Voting Has Been Huge This Year But This Is It!... America Chooses A President Tonight!... The big day is finally here!... Did YOU vote in a swing state?... Are YOU feeling optimistic or sick to your stomach?... What are YOUR predictions for Election Day 2016?... We're on now as usual but back again from 8pm to Midnight Eastern Time [Extended 'til 2am] for special election night coverage (including live video from 9p-12a on!)... Join The Conversation! [NOTE: all hours of the election night coverage were not recorded for podcast. Apologies for any inconvenience.]

- Mark Taylor-Canfield is a Seattle-based journalist whose work appears in: Huffington Post, Daily Kos, Capitol Hill Times, Truthout, Op-ed News, Oximity,Free Speech Radio News (Pacifica),Democracy Watch News. [Guest for both early and late coverage.]

- Robert Kraig, Executive Director, Citizen Action of Wisconsin. [Guest for both early and late coverage.]

Late Night Election Coverage Guests, 8pm-2am:

- David Paleologos, Director of the Suffolk University Political Research Center.

- Jerry Austin, award-winning political consultant and Campaign Manager for the Rev. Jesse Jackson's 1988 Presidential Campaign. Part of the long-running Strategy Session on the Jeff Santos Show!.

- Elaine Cleeton, Associate Professor of Sociology, SUNY Geneseo, where she specializes in women's health; social welfare; and, race, class and gender relations.

- John Nichols, Washington Correspondent for the Nation Magazine and co-author of the book Dollarocracy, How the Money and Media Election Complex is Destroying America. John joins the Jeff Santos Show every Monday. Check out his latest posts at the Nation's website,

- Rand Wilson, "Union Hell Raiser," former Bernie Sanders delegate, and member of Labor For Bernie and SEIU Local 888! Discussing the Massachusetts State Ballot Initiative Question 2 on expanding the annual cap on new charter schools in the Commonwealth. (The measure failed.)

- Brad Bannon, CEO, Bannon Communications Research, a Democratic political consulting and polling firm. You can read Brad's commentaries at

- Herb Boyd regular weekly contributor, Herb is a professor at City College New York and writes for the New York Amsterdam News.

- Sara Billingsley, Senior Producer and Web Editor for the Jeff Santos Show.

And Listener Calls!