Jeff Santos Show 11/9/16

GUESTS FOR WEDNESDAY NOVEMBER 9, 2016: President Donald J. Trump!... Can You Believe It?.... We're Doing Three Hours Today!...America is in shock!... At least a majority of the voters, who voted for Secretary Clinton for President yesterday (and a lot of people who didn't vote) are!.. Clinton won the popular vote (which is still being counted) and Trump won the Electoral College!... How do YOU feel about that?...Join The Conversation!

- Jim Dean, Chair of Democracy for America (DFA).

- Former Massachusetts Governor Michael Dukakis, former Massachusetts Governor, 1988 Democratic Presidential candidate, Former Amtrak Board Member and long-time rail advocate!

- Rona Fried, founder of with the latest environmental and green economy news.

- Elaine Cleeton, Associate Professor of Sociology, SUNY Geneseo, where she specializes in women's health; social welfare; and, race, class and gender relations.

- Lee Pelton, President of Emerson College!

And Listener Calls!