Jeff Santos Show 1/19/17

GUESTS FOR THURSDAY JANUARY 19, 2017 ON THE JEFF SANTOS SHOW: Detroit's "Survival Society" - Swapping Work & Goods To Survive!...More Confirmation Hearings Today!... One Day 'Til Inauguration!... Treasury Secretary nominee Steve Mnuchin got grilled by the Senate today, and things got pretty juvenile at times!... Do YOU think this bodes well for the relationship between Congress and the new Administration? ... Join The Conversation!

- Valerie Vande Panne, freelance journalist based in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Her work has appeared in Columbia Journalism Review, Politico, and The Boston Globe, among many other outlets. She is the former editor of Detroit's alt-weekly, the Metro Times. She'll be discussing her January 12 article in Bloomberg, Life Without Money in Detroit’s Survival Economy.

- Herb Boyd, journalist, educator, author, and activist based in New York. His articles appear regularly in the "New York Amsterdam News", and have won him three 1st-place awards from the New York Association of Black Journalists. He teaches black studies at the City College of New York and the College of New Rochelle.

- Frank Watkins, Director of Public Policy for Rainbow Push, "a multi-racial, multi-issue, progressive, international membership organization fighting for social change."

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