Jeff Santos Show 12/13/16

GUESTS FOR TUESDAY DECEMBER 13, 2016 ON THE JEFF SANTOS SHOW: Congressman Tim Ryan Of Ohio On The Democrats' New Approach! Tuesday Regulars Mark Taylor-Canfield & Robert Kraig!... Congressman Ryan challenged Democratic House Minority Leader Pelosi for her position in the incoming session of Congress! (He got 63 votes but lost.)...We'll ask why he went for it and what he thinks the Democrats need to do to have success in the future, and the outlook for real investments in infrastructure and job creation under future President Trump!... Join The Conversation!

- Mark Taylor-Canfield is a Seattle-based journalist whose work appears in: Huffington Post, Daily Kos, Capitol Hill Times, Truthout, Op-ed News, Oximity,Free Speech Radio News (Pacifica),Democracy Watch News.

- Congressman Tim Ryan (D-OH), representing Youngstown and the other cities and towns in Ohio's 13th District.

- Robert Kraig, Executive Director, Citizen Action of Wisconsin.

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