Jeff Santos Show 1/31/17

GUESTS FOR TUESDAY JANUARY 31, 2017: Supreme Court Watch.... The President Announces His Nominee Tonight!... And Teacher Tuesday With The Badass Teachers!... DeVos Passes Round One!... Will She Get Through The Full Senate?... It's Teacher Tuesday, on the day that Betsy DeVos' nomination for Education Secretary was approved by the Senate Education Committee!... No Dems on the Committee voted for Ms. DeVos!... Some GOP members have said they may not support her in the full vote.!... Do YOU think she'll be confirmed?... And The President has promised to announce his first Supreme Court Nominee later today!... Do YOU think the Democrats should give the new nominee the Merrick Garland treatment?... Join The Conversation!

- John Businger, former MA state Rep (D-Brookline, serving for 28 years!) and chief advocate for the Boston North-South Station Rail Link. We're remembering Nixon today, John will reflect on his memories of the Impeachment of President Nixon.

- Teacher Tuesday! with long-time Teacher Tuesday contributor Marla Kilfoyle, a New York state teacher and General Manager of the Badass Teachers Association.

- Robert Kraig, Executive Director, Citizen Action of Wisconsin.

And Listener Calls!