Jeff Santos Show 2/1/17

GUESTS FOR WEDNESDAY FEBRUARY 1, 2017: Neil Gorsuch For Supreme Court Justice!... Will The Dems Let Him Come Up For A Vote?... Congressman Tim Ryan Of Ohio On The Direction Of the Democratic Party In The New Era!... AND Green Day Wednesday With Rona & Joe!... Happy to have Congressman Ryan on from the great state of Ohio!... Ryan recently challenged Nancy Pelosi for the role of House Democratic Leader!... We'll check in with him on who should be leading the DNC!... The President announced his pick to fill the Antonin Scalia seat on the Supreme Court which was left empty by Senate Republicans despite President Obama's pick of Judge Merrick Garland with over 10 months left in his presidential term!.... Do YOU think the Dems should give Gorsuch, the President and Senate Republicans the same treatment?... Join The Conversation!

- Congressman Tim Ryan (D-OH), representing Youngstown and the other cities and towns in Ohio's 13th District.

- Rona Fried, founder of with the latest environmental and green economy news.

And Listener Calls!