Jeff Santos Show 5/4/16 - Green Day Wednesday!

GUESTS FOR WEDNESDAY MAY 4, 2016: Big Win For Bernie Sanders In The Indiana Primary! Trump Wins Too (Of Course) Bouncing Cruz Out Of The Race!... It's Green Day Wednesday And We're Looking At Gas Pipelines!...Bernie won in Indiana yesterday, where the Primary was open to Independents and the minority population is relatively low!...He's not done yet, people!...Nina Turner's here today to talk about yesterday's vote and the days ahead!...Ted Cruz has suspended his campaign after yesterday's results, and there are rumors that Governor Kasich will be next!... Did YOU vote yesterday?...Still waiting to vote?...Join The Conversation!

- Rona Fried, founder of with the latest environmental and green economy news. Rona's happy about Bernie's big win yesterday!

- Nina Turner, former Ohio State Senate Minority Whip and candidate for Ohio Secretary of State, and a long-time favorite guest on the Jeff Santos Show. Senator Turner is out on the campaign trail, stumping for Bernie Sanders in the race for the Democratic presidential nomination.

- Herb Boyd, journalist, educator, author, and activist based in New York. His articles appear regularly in the "New York Amsterdam News", and have won him three 1st-place awards from the New York Association of Black Journalists. He teaches black studies at the City College of New York and the College of New Rochelle.

- Joel Wool, campaign organizer for clean energy at Clean Water Action.

- Laura Huizar staff attorney at NELP., the National Employment Law Project, working on issues of workers' safety, rights and fair wages.

- Pramila Jayapal, Washington State Senator from the 37th District, running for the Congressional seat held by Congressman Jim McDermott. INFO:

And Listener Calls!