Boston Globe highlights big lies by Mitt Romney re: Bain involvement

Mitt Romney has been changing his story about when he actually relinquished control of Bain Capital to take on responsibilities with the U.S. Olympics. He has not been telling the truth about when he left and how much control and ownership of Bain he had. Chris Rowland of the Boston Globe reported yesterday that FEC filings show that Romney was still CEO of Bain in 2002 although he claims to have left in 1999.

Rebuild America Live from Washington D.C. Today - Video coming soon

TODAY'S GUESTS:3:05 Joe Williams, Revolution Radio Network D.C. Bureau Chief3:40 Rebecca Thiess, Federal Budget Policy Analyst at the Economic Policy Institute 4:05 Joe Romm, Fellow at the Center for American Progress and Editor of the popular "Climate Progress" blog4:40 Congressman Tim Ryan (D-OH) representing Ohio's 17th District including Youngstown5:05 Terry O'Sullivan, General President of LIUNA5:45 Randi Weingartn, President, American Federation of Teachers 6:05 Congressman Danny Davis, (D-IL) representing Illinois's 7th District including Chicago6:40 U.S.

What do you think about Secretary of State Clinton apologizing to Pakistan for the accidental airstrike on Pakistani soldiers?


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